Anneke Butt and Tim Williams are part of our City Vision one-year team. Learn about their work as you pray through a week for them.

Tim is doing the City Vision programme as a placement year from his Business Economics university course in Sheffield. His placement is partly with our Husk Coffee & Creative Space ministry in Limehouse, where he engages in outreach in the community as well as in helping to deal with the cafe’s finances, and partly with the Fundraising and Supporter Relations Department in our head office.

Anneke comes from Epsom Downs, and her primary City Vision placement is with our Islington team, working with the Street Population Team, at Paget Christian Centre at King’s Cross, and with Keri Lim on door-to-door work.

Anneke: Please pray for my church here in London, Inspire St James, that it would be able to deepen its connection with the surrounding community and that many would have the opportunity to hear the good news of the gospel. Pray especially for those in the community we find most difficult to reach, that Jesus would make a way into their lives. Pray for me also as I serve in the Sunday school at Hope Church.
Tim: Pray that I would learn to live my life in submission to God’s will, and that I would allow him to use me in whatever capacity he would have me be used during my time here at London City Mission.

Anneke: On Mondays I work with the street team around King’s Cross. Please pray that God would soften the hearts of the women we encounter. Pray that they would welcome our help and seek out the hope Jesus offers them.
Tim: Pray that I would be able to adjust to living in London and that, rather than feeling isolated, I would be able to make strong friendships during my time here and feel settled.

Anneke: Many of the outreach visits I do on Tuesdays involve meetings with elderly women who tend to be isolated. Pray that the Lord would move their hearts to trust in him and that they would see the deep joy of being known by him.
Tim: Pray for A, a contact known through Husk Coffee, that he would continue to search for truth and find answers to his questions through his attendance at the weekly Bible studies at Husk as well as other programmes and ministries run by Husk.

Anneke: In the afternoons we often do outreach around the community of Limehouse. Please pray for one lady we met recently who when we first spoke struggled to hold back tears because of what she was going through. Pray that the dire nature of her situation would lead her to Jesus. On Wednesdays I am also involved in a church small group Bible study, and in door-knocking with the LCM team in Vauxhall.
Tim: Pray for sufficient funds to be raised for the ongoing work of London City Mission. Pray that the Fundraising and Supporter Relations team would continue to seek to do their work with excellence and recognise the value of the work they are doing.

Anneke: On Thursdays I attend lectures at LCM head office. Please pray that my knowledge of God would continue to expand in both my head and heart, and that we students would be a massive blessing to one another in many ways throughout the year.
Tim: Pray for Husk’s door-to-door ministry, that we would see the fruit from meeting new people and the gospel-centred conversations that we are able to have with them. Pray that I would be bold in this ministry and allow God to speak through me.

Anneke: Please pray that the children who come to the after-school club at Paget Christian Centre would enjoy attending. Even more than that, pray they would take the time to consider the gospel message we teach them throughout the week, and Jesus’ relevance to their whole life. As on Wednesdays, I also go door-knocking with the Vauxhall team today.
Tim: Pray for the whole City Vision team, that we would continue to grow in our relationships with each other and with God, and that this year would be a transformative time for all of us as we seek to live our lives for the glory of God.

Anneke: Saturdays are super fun when you’re living in the very centre of London, and I like to play hockey in the afternoons. Pray for my hockey friends, that they’d be open to coming to church events and considering the person of Jesus.
Tim: Pray for the City Vision Team that we would be able to discern where God is leading us in the next season of our lives beyond this year at London City Mission, and that we would be able to be obedient in this. 


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