Churches in the UK are doing a lot, but not taking much credit.

Research from the Barna Group has found that while UK churches see themselves as engaging in evangelism and social justice, the wider population is unaware, or confused about what the church is doing. 

By any measure, the church’s contribution to society in the UK is vast – running youth and children’s clubs, visiting the sick, offering friendship to the isolated, feeding the hungry, giving shelter to people without homes, and more and more. Removing the church’s contribution would tear a large strip from our social fabric.

The reputation of the church is a crucial factor in evangelism. A large proportion of the population has a hazy idea of what churches are doing in their local community. Just over a third say that the local church is making a positive difference in their community. Thirty-nine percent – nearly four out of 10 people – say they don’t know. 

Local Christian churches are making a positive difference in your community.

6% strongly agree

29% tend to agree

16% tend to disagree

10% strongly agree

39% don't know

Nearly 4 out of 10 people in the UK say they don't know if the church is making a difference.

Let Your Light Shine

Do your neighbours recognise the value of your local church to the community? What more could be done to give the church a fair reputation?

Which of the following do you think should be top priorities at your church?

58% - Discipleship

55% - Worship

47% - Serving Those in Need

43% - Building Community Relationships

42% - Evangelism

40% - Teaching/Preaching

4% - Providing Opportunities to Serve in Church  

Christians in the UK are most likely to say that social justice and evangelism have equal importance today. 

38% of active Christians, however, say mission today is less focused on evangelism and now places more emphasis on social justice. 

Which of the following best describes what you think mission looks like today?

45% - Social justice and evangelism have equal importance

38% - Less focused on evangelism, more emphasis on social justice

11% - Less focused on social justice, more emphasis on evangelism

6% - Don't know 


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