New Team Leader for the Isle of Dogs, Gareth Jones is looking forward to working with churches that are ready to go out and make connections with people where they live.

Tower Hamlets Community Church is preparing to plant a new church on the Isle of Dogs, and from the outset, it will have close links with London City Mission. Gareth met with the church planting team, and together they decided to knock on some doors together to get conversations going and start to build awareness of the new church.

So, on a pleasant early summer evening, they met in the local park and prayed together before going out in pairs to chat with neighbours and to hand out leaflets and personal invitations. Gareth was paired with a woman who lives locally. Initially, he sensed a level of trepidation. Certainly, this was not something she was used to doing.

They came across two guys hanging about in their garden – a Scot and a Maltese – and fell into conversation, talking for about an hour. ‘I got really engaged that evening, which meant that we only really spoke to three or four people – everyone was surprisingly friendly and open,’ says Gareth.

‘As we got chatting, my evangelism partner shared her testimony – how she first came to Christ. It just fell naturally into the conversation. It was easy to share the gospel with them and to invite them to LCM’s Café Forever.’ When we came back as a group, we talked about how positive the experience had been, and the possibility of making this a regular part of our work.

This article first appeared in the Autumn 2019 edition of our free supporter magazine, Changing London.


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