So, what is the gospel?

I don’t know if you’ve ever been asked that question, but it can sometimes leave me feeling stumped and put on the spot. I know it so well but when someone asks me to describe it, I often go blank. I can feel the same when people ask me what I do for a job... it’s almost easier to show them the magazine and the other creative work I do or ask one of my colleagues to tell the questioner! In the same way, as Christians, we can often push off the telling of the gospel to others... to books, to preachers, to videos or tracts.

But here at LCM, we want to have the good news of Jesus deeply rooted in our hearts and overflowing out of our mouths and we long for that to be the case for Christians in London and across the UK.

Because if we don’t tell others about Jesus, who will?

So we’ve the latest edition of Changing London together to help encourage you to be more familiar with what the gospel is and what it isn’t. To help you think about who is primarily responsible for sharing it. To consider how you could tell it to someone least reached in a relevant way. To get involved in praying for and supporting financially the gospel work we do among London’s churches.

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Tessa Reed

Changing London Editor

Because London needs Jesus