Andy Geers has recently completed his first year working full-time on PrayerMate, and he wrote this blogpost about it; it's quite long, but it's well worth reading. How about this quote: 'As a community of intercessors, between them PrayerMate users regularly pray for over 1,000,000 items in a month'!

We had the privilege of being involved with Andy in his early days of setting up PrayerMate. In Andy's words, 'PrayerMate is a free app on iOS and Android designed to help you pray faithfully and widely. You maintain a series of digital prayer lists (e.g. Biblical prayers, My family, My church, World mission  -  whatever you like!) and then it gives you a manageable selection to pray through each day.'

You can download the PrayerMate app here

And you can sign up to get London City Mission's daily prayer points on PrayerMate via this page

Well done, Andy, and thanks!


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