Roughly one in three Londoners don't have a Christian friend...that's 2.5 million people who may never hear about Jesus! We call these people the least-reached – those we are here to serve.

But we can’t do it alone.

Rico Tice
Rico Tice

This issue of Changing London is all about helping you join us in the mission field. Not just by giving and praying (though we're so grateful that you do!) – but also by being witnesses for Jesus, ready to give an answer for the hope you have in him. As our country is in shock and turmoil, let's look at what our role as Christians is....

On page 6, Rico Tice, founder of the Christianity Explored Ministries shares why it's of utmost importance for us all to be active in sharing the amazing message of Jesus with those we know. On page 16, you'll find out some stats about how us Christians feel about sharing our faith with others... and on pages 24-26, you'll see some of the ripple effects of a bold witness. 

Sharing stories
Turgay Yusuf
Turgay Yusuf

You'll meet some of our newest missionaries on p18-21 and hear how Jesus transformed their lives. Now God is using them and their individual experiences to reach the least-reached and bring the gospel message to life.

Take Turgay, for example. His high-pressure job as a London police detective took its toll. He came home  drunk every night, and was argumentative and abusive. Originally a Muslim when he came to faith in Christ, some members of his family spat in face, they were so furious. But now, Turgay is a missionary in East London, and draws on his experience to approach strangers with the good news. “Whether they know it or not, people are looking for Jesus,” said Turgay. “They’re waiting for loving Christians to invade their lives, make friends and tell them the hope of the gospel. I know… because that was me.”

Jennifer Garibay
Jennifer Garibay

Then there’s Jennifer, our missionary in Vauxhall. She had a troubled childhood dominated by a controlling  step-father, abuse at the hands of her father, and relentless bullying at school. Jennifer was depressed and dangerous – until she met Jesus. Now, she says, “God uses my story to break down barriers with those who struggle to trust because of abuse or rejection. Sharing my testimony always leads to questions that can only be answered by God.”

The power of your testimony

Each Christian has a testimony God can use to reach more people with his grace and hope. But tragically, almost half of us are too scared to talk about our faith with non-Christians. And only a third of us have had a faith conversation with a non-believer in the last week.

On page 22 is a helpful way to break down your story so you're ready to tell it in a way that is easy to digest and relevant to those listening. Remember, more than 40% of Christians came to Jesus through the influence of a friend!

We are all called to be God’s witnesses on earth. We all play a part in helping people move from darkness to light.

Will you join us?

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Tessa Reed

Changing London Editor

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