Our workers share their own encounters with Jesus and how he called them to share the gospel with others. 


Jean-Louis Kassis, missionary at Webber Street and among the Lebanese community tells us his harrowing story.

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, into ill health and poverty. My dad took to drink which caused him to physically and emotionally abuse me. My godfather also sexually abused me for many years though at the time I thought he was giving me love.

Then my dad started attending the Baptist church and his behaviour changed. He became a deacon and then a pastor in a church on the Muslim side of Beirut. His change in behaviour confused me. At the outbreak of the civil war in Beirut, my dad moved to a church on the Christian side of Beirut; but as the war intensified our home was hit by two bombs causing my dad to lose his hearing. I was very pleased when he left the church.

At the age of 14, I saw murder for the first time when a shop keeper was shot on refusing to hand over his money to two intruders. I saw blood gushing out of his belly as he shouted and screamed for help. This had a deep effect on me for a long time and led me to join the Christian militia and I permanently carried a pistol.

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Jean-Louis Kassis

Missionary to the marginalised at Webber Street, our day centre in Waterloo for people who are homeless.

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