My last day of training came rather quickly...

Efrem Buckle in Brixton
Efrem Buckle in Brixton

We are all needed

Our final challenge from Corinthians focussed on Chapter 12 and the importance of valuing the whole body of Christ. 

Training Manager, Efrem Buckle, reminded us that God has not intended for us all to be the same. We must have due regard and respect for people’s diverse skills and the perspectives they bring. Every Christian has something valuable to offer and a different part to play in the work of the church.

Brixton Vibes 

Our afternoon ministry visit took us to the busy and vibrant streets of Brixton. 

Community Spirit
Community Spirit

As a townie, (I currently reside in Reading) it was great to experience such a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds and I immediately sensed the community spirit. 

We stopped by a few different projects addressing the needs of the area including Lambeth Street Pastors, who look after people on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am. Please pray that they will continue to have meaningful gospel conversations with the people they meet.

Concluding Thoughts

My week at Summer School was absolutely amazing. I have left with a real urgency to do more to share the gospel in my community. Here's what I like to pass on from what I learned - 

Get out there!
Get out there!

  • If you feel a burning desire to tell people about Jesus, then I’d encourage you to do just that! 
  • There's no need to wait for a perfect church programme to be established to begin missions, simply telling others the story of how and why you came to faith could be the start you need.
  • Finally I’m reminded of Peter’s audaciousness. “You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them” (Acts 11:3b) How often do we dine “with them”? Are we willing to cross over cultural, racial and spiritual lines to make sure the message of the good news is heard by all people, everywhere?



Shantelle Johnson

Communications Manager

Because London needs Jesus