Day four of Summer School was an eye-opening view into cross-cultural mission...

David Ng, Lecturer in Urban Mission
David Ng, Lecturer in Urban Mission

In the morning, David Ng, Senior Lecturer in Cross-cultural Urban Mission, challenged us to have a gospel driven mission in our super-diverse city. He helped us understand that we must be willing to adapt ourselves to the diverse cultures and backgrounds around us to share the gospel with everyone. Some of the key questions to reflect on were -

•    Do we really have a Christ- like mission?

•    Are we inclusive of all people when reach out with the gospel?

•    Are we innovative in the way we aim to reach people?

•    Are we intentional in giving up our ‘rights’ for the sake of sharing Jesus?

Henk In Mile End
Henk In Mile End

Hallelujah! Sun shine!

The bright afternoon opened with our missionary, Henk Van Der Meer, taking us on a tour of Mile End in Tower Hamlets. It was amazing to hear about the vast amount of work he does - working with ELT Baptist church at the drop-in, visiting the shops and homes of contacts he's made, conducting Bible studies with recovering addicts and offering English classes for Bengali men at Husk Coffee and Creative Space, our ministry cafe in Limehouse. As we walked, many of the locals and shop owners would stop and say hello to him. It was clear that the effort he makes to get to know people in the area is making an impact.

Challenge: The heart of the community
East London Mosque
East London Mosque

We ended the day with my first visit to a mosque, East London Mosque, the largest in the UK! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but during the presentation, it struck me that the needs of the community were at the heart of everything they did, which has led to huge growth. 

It made me think - could the church in London be doing more to reach out to local communities?




Shantelle Johnson

Communications Manager

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