My third day at Summer School was fascinating...

Rob teaching the Bible
Rob teaching the Bible

Sex and the City

Our first morning session was led by Training Manager, Rob Pendergrast, who had the challenge of condensing Corinthians 5-7 into an hour! In his sermon titled, Sex in the City, he explained how the sexual immorality that faced the church in Corinth is not dissimilar from what we face in London today.

mental illness in ministry

Martin Street, a missionary based at The Bridge Church in Battersea, brilliantly led a morning workshop on mental illness. Many of us agreed that this was sometimes a hard subject to fully understand and fairly taboo in some communities. With around 2 million Londoners experiencing some form of mental illness every year, it is something that we are almost certain to encounter in the mission field and well worth talking about. 

Afternoon visit
Daniel Peterson with a guest
Daniel Peterson with a guest

Our afternoon ministry visit was to our day centre, Webber Street, where mission associate Daniel Peterson described the practical services they provided to 70-90 homeless people each day. From preparing breakfast, offering showers and clean clothes, to getting to know the guests through one on one conversations and Bible studies, it's so clear how the love of God and good news of Jesus Christ is shared here. 

It was extremely sobering to hear about the conversations the staff have with guests. Webber Street workers dispelled some popular misconceptions about the street population. They aren't all addicts; some people are just down on their luck or got the raw deal in a relationship breakdown.

I was challenged that both mental health issues and homelessness could happen to any of us.



Shantelle Johnson

Communications Manager

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