My next day at Summer School was a full one...

Trained for mission
Trained for mission

Alan Black began the morning by looking further at the letter Paul wrote to the church in Corinth. The focus was on our church leaders and we were reminded that they ultimately belong to God. Our leaders should be stewards of what God has provided and focus on faithfulness to him and not being the most trendy, entertaining or charismatic preacher. 

Shame and honour culture

The second morning session was presented by our missionary, Charlotte, specifically dealing with the shame-honour culture common to Islam. This is where a community's norms and values are controlled by wanting to avoid shame and preserve power. How does Jesus prepare Muslims for the reality of coming to faith in a shame-honour culture? What support can we provide them when they come to faith? 

Afternoon visit
Kevin sharing about Vauxhall
Kevin sharing about Vauxhall

After lunch, we travelled to Vauxhall Christian Centre where missionary Kevin Croft explained the work they do in the community. Unfortunately, the typical British summer meant we weren’t able to have a tour of the area without being drenched. Instead Kevin shared a few stories of people he’s working with. We were asked to think about ministry in action and discuss the ways we would respond to each individual situation with the gospel. 

Today I have been personally challenged about how I must be prepared to share God’s word in a way which speaks to people's specific need. Urban mission definitely isn’t a one size fits all approach!


Shantelle Johnson

Communications Manager

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