The third annual Summer School began yesterday with people from Northern Ireland, Germany and even the United States coming to understand more about urban mission. 

Barbara, a faithful supporter
Barbara, a faithful supporter

Whilst I was looking forward to everything the week would bring, I was particularly excited to meet Barbara, one our supporters from Germany. She was keen to get to know the people she regularly prays for and learn how she can reach out to her own village Stetten am kalten Markt back in Germany. She is an avid social media user so I can always expect to see her liking, commenting and offering her support to our daily prayer posts. Her faithfulness and commitment is an awesome reminder of the passion we should all have to share the gospel!

Diverse Corinth 

Alan Black began the afternoon with an introduction to 1 Corinthians, highlighting the similarities between a cosmopolitan Corinth and today's London. We were challenged that we all have a part to play in spreading the simple gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alan Black, teaching on Corinthians
Alan Black, teaching on Corinthians

Hyper-Diverse London

Graham Miller went on to lay the foundations of London City Mission, delving into the 181 year history of the organisation. He then painted a picture of modern day London, highlighting the areas of deprivation and the current 'hyper diversity' of the city. What an amazing opportunity we have to share the hope of Jesus Christ with the world on our doorsteps! 

The challenge that stood out to me today was: Are we reaching and serving the least reached groups of our communities or are we keeping the amazing gift of hope that Jesus Christ brings to ourselves?


Shantelle Johnson

Communications Manager

Because London needs Jesus