Andy lives in Dagenham. A couple of years ago he hit rock bottom. "There was nothing for me" he says, "I remember walking across three lanes of the A13, heavy lorries thundering by – with no intention of making it to the other side..." 

"...But that was before I met the London City Mission guys...."

Andy with missionary Bill
Andy with missionary Bill

Andy was interviewed recently on Premier Radio's Afternoon Drive show. On the show he shared his story of how God changed his life around, through the work of the London City Mission team in Dagenham and the local churches.

Be inspired as you listen to Andy telling Premier's Loretta how he went from trying to commit suicide to knowing God loved and accepted him and is now telling others about the hope that is in Jesus Christ!

You can listen to the interview here.

Jeff (right) with friend
Jeff (right) with friend

You'll also hear the story of Jeff Potter, one of our missionaries who works in Dagenham, and be encouraged as you hear how the Lord brought him through his "wilderness years" to work at the Mission.

You can read more about Jeff and the work that the team in Dagenham do in our previous post, "Signals to Footfalls".

Please pray for:

  • Andy as he continues to serve the Lord and point others to Him.
  • Jeff as he leads the London City Mission team in Dagenham.

If you've been inspired by Andy's story and would like to help others like Andy to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, you can make a gift today towards the work of London City Mission.


Jo Sutton

Communications & Programme Director

Because London needs Jesus