I joined the local London City Mission team at St Paul’s Hainault to lead a training morning on Saturday with the aim of encouraging people to get involved in regular door-to-door visitation.

There was a good group of around twenty who enthusiastically engaged in group discussion on:

  • Why is the gospel good news?
  • Using your own testimony
  • Who/What did they put their hope in?
  • Avoiding jargon in the way you share your faith

Examples from the front-line

Jeff Potter, Brandon Thesee and Jamie Parnell from London City Mission shared stories, many humorous, of conversions and ongoing contacts from their own ministries. They even included some role play on the do’s and don’ts of knocking on doors, which included Jeff in a wig! People were given some key bible verses, to use in their own words, and encouraged to go away and find two verses of their own in the coming week to try and use in a conversation.

The morning was fun and interactive; one man was so encouraged he said:

This has really helped me to try and develop the way I talk to people naturally in the supermarket.

Encouraging community outreach

Ken Ashton, the vicar, was keen to see some of the group sign up to go out visiting with Jamie who supports the church in community outreach. A lady already visiting with Jamie shared that, although she was reluctant at first, she had always found it really encouraging to see how God could use her with people they met. I promised people if they joined the team that they could just tag along with the missionary on the first few visits without needing to say or do anything until they felt ready.  

It was an inspiring morning in which participants were encouraged to share their faith more naturally, coming to the realisation that friends and contacts generally really do want to know more about what they do on Sundays and in their daily lives.


I am thrilled the wonderful partnership between St Paul’s Hainault and the London City Mission enabled us to put on this training morning and that, in partnership with new volunteers from the church, the good news of Jesus will reach more people in Hainault. 

This was the first time we’ve trained a church this way but I am convinced it will benefit many other churches, enthusing more and more people into relational and engaging outreach where people meet real Christians with a real faith in a real Jesus. 

Ken Ashton felt it was a good session which stirred something up in people. As a result of the training, four people have indicated their desire to go out on the doors which is something to give thanks for!


Phil Moore

Training Field Director

Because London needs Jesus