1 in 6 of us is over the age of 65, that’s a staggering 10 million people of pensionable age. 3 million of us are over 80 and that figure is set to rise. Here in the UK we are an 'ageing population' – with all the privileges, challenges and opportunities that brings. 

For some, quality of life in retirement remains high - opportunities for holidays or time with family and friends abound - but for others the picture is far more bleak: loss of independence, failing health, isolation, even abuse, are a daily reality. And many don’t know Jesus – to them, he is little more than a name or a figure from stories told in Religious Studies many decades ago. 

A call to mission

That means there’s a mission field out there - not one that gets discussed very often – but an important one, an urgent one. There’s a desperate need for more people to get involved in spreading the good news.  And whether we are 19 or 90, we can all have a role to play in reaching out to the elderly in word and deed. 

As individuals we can befriend that housebound neighbour down the road. As a small group we can arrange to visit the local residential care home. As a church we can welcome people in to afternoon teas or holidays at home. And we can offer them friendship, love – Jesus. 

Equipping you for mission

And now, to help us in this ministry, there is the opportunity to purchase the great resource, Fun with a Purpose. Recently revised and reprinted, Fun with a Purpose is packed full of games, crafts and conversation-starters specifically designed for working with older people. Whether it’s giant noughts and crosses that help us talk about the three crosses of the first Easter or marbling with ink that opens doors to discussing the beauty of God’s world, this easy-to-use book will inspire and equip us all for Kingdom work. 

Written by Sylvena Farrant and produced in conjunction with London City Mission, Fun with a Purpose costs just £10 (including postage and packing) and is available from the London City Mission bookshop. Why not order your copy today? Call us on 020 7407 7585


Helen Thorne

Training & Mentoring Director

Because London needs Jesus