At London City Mission, we owe a great deal to our army of prayer supporters who sustain the ministry on their knees.  We appreciate them so much and are always keen to recruit more.

It’s not the length or eloquence of your prayers that matters. Prayer is simply a conversation between you and God – about people, situations, anything at all… knowing that he is the one who is able to change people’s minds and hearts.

When you intercede for London City Mission’s work, you are playing a critical role.  You might not know personally the people you’re praying for, you may only have heard about them and their needs, and yet through prayer you’re able to ask God to orchestrate the circumstances of their lives because he knows them completely.  God can bless them in just the way they need. How exciting is that? – to be able to ask God to break into other people’s lives!  

At various times missionaries have ‘just happened’ to ‘bump into’ a particular contact, but behind the scenes someone was on their knees praying for divine appointments!  Nothing happens ‘by chance’ in gospel work. There are no ‘coincidences.’  Our missionaries can recall numerous occasions when they have been acutely aware of this in their ministry.

Prayer is exciting.  Prayer is our privilege.  And it’s the means God uses to bless others and involve us as well.

Resources to pray

We have a number of resources to help you pray for the work of London City Mission:

  • Weekly Prayer Update – the latest prayer requests from our missionaries are available every Wednesday on our website
  • Together - our quarterly prayer diary is available online or we can add you to our postal mailing list if you contact us using the details below
  • Missionary prayer letters - personal letters from our missionaries providing greater detail on news of themselves and their ministry. Contact us using the details below with the name(s) of the missionary you'd like to receive prayer letters from  

Whatever it may be, we rely on the prayers of God’s people to sustain the ministry of London City Mission as we reach out to the people of London with the life-changing message of the gospel.

Will you join our army?

We would be delighted to hear from you if we can help you and others to pray for London. Ring 020 7234 3589, email or visit



Debbie Breakspear

London City Mission

Because London needs Jesus