Wembley Stadium - the first stadium to be referred to as “Hallowed Turf”- where thousands eagerly flock to worship or be worshipped. Physical prowess, strategic success, and vocal victories draw in crowds ready to stand up and swear allegiance to their chosen hero, be it Beckham, Beyonce or Bono.  

Three miles away, unnoticed by the passionate fans who regularly stream through the doors of the UK’s largest stadium. Andrew Gordon’s busy showing off the only hero truly worth shouting about, the one worthy of his followers’ eternal worship.  

Home Turf

With over 40 nations represented in the neighbourhood, Andrew encounters all sorts of needs and attitudes. But he knows that with Jesus as his captain and the good news as his message, he can bring strength and hope into lives filled with disheartenment, loneliness, substance abuse and mental illness. 

Some are curious about this message. Some are ignorant. Some are afraid. Andrew tells of one man he’s met:

Mr B, a Bosnian, will not tell me his real name. In his country, giving such information could cost you dearly. In the UK, he was the victim of a shocking piece of injustice. He was knocked over, leaving him with a disability, and unable to claim compensation.

But even though he’s a firm Muslim, Mr. B has invited Andrew into his house to talk. 

Pray that Mr. B and others whom Andrew meets would be won over by gentleness and truth in love to turn to Jesus as their captain. 

Training Grounds

Andrew works with Donnington Baptist Church, to enable those who stand on God’s holy ground wherever they go to get off the bench and boldly champion Jesus. It’s a small church, but its members aren’t after worldly fame or crowds shouting their names. Through book tables, cleaning up their local area, film nights and visits to residences and care homes, they seek to love all they meet knowing that a far greater crowd, unseen but present nonetheless, is cheering on from eternity’s stands.  

Pray for this church to overflow with God’s Spirit and be an effective tool in his hands to reach this area with the gospel.


Tessa Reed

Changing London Editor

Because London needs Jesus