A tight knit community, bound together by language, race and religion…

Tricky ground to walk into as an outsider? Some might think so. But for the past 14 years, Alice has done just that. First in Brick Lane and now in Limehouse, she finds the way paved by God as she befriends Bangladeshi Muslims, a people group many would see as inaccessible.

English lessons

One way to reach particularly the women in the area, is the free English classes she and others run at Husk

A large percentage of the population come from a particular area of a Bangladeshi district so there is no need to learn English, go into an English shop or even to read an English newspaper in order to make one's life here.


Some see their need for English, so Alice teaches bi-weekly term time classes for women using the Jesus Storybook Bible to help with vocabulary and context. Each story points to Jesus in this beautifully written kids Bible: to Muslims, the idea that Jesus (or Isa) wasn’t just a prophet whose death was faked but God himself who died, is heresy! But even though Alice offers an opt out of the Bible bit, not one student has. In fact, many are curious to discover more about the Isa Alice talks about. 


God opened another way, paved and ready for Alice to walk into this closed community: a couple working for Wycliffe Bible Translators, who happen to be friends of Alice, completed the FIRST EVER translation of the Sylheti New Testament….the primary spoken language of many Bangladeshis who live around Husk. 

During a recent home visit, Alice handed her host a sample copy of the new book. So happy and surprised was he to be physically holding something in his mother tongue, he didn’t want to give it back! And a few days ago, one of the students from her class turned to Alice with recognition saying she knew the story in this new book her teacher had given her... Her father-in-law gave her a Bible 17 yrs ago! 

For many local Sylheti speaking Bangaldeshis, it’s the first time they’ve owned a book in their mother tongue… Surely no coincidence that it happens to be God’s word?! 

The living truth, carried by people like Alice, is alive and active, forging a path through generations, languages, cultures and religions.  

  • Pray for Alice and the team as they walk into the paths God opens before them.
  • Pray for God’s word to bring more Bengalis to him, even though they face shunning from their close community for rejecting Islam.

Please give generously. Your donations can help provide more Sylheti New Testaments and passionate missionaries to distribute them.

To find out more about Alice's work, watch her 'Ministry Snapshot' video.


Tessa Reed

Changing London Editor

Because London needs Jesus