Friday dawned, and with it the fifth and final day of this year’s Summer School.

Where Christ is not known 

David Smith gave his final lecture of the week, working through Paul’s missionary strategy as described in Romans 15.

Paul identifies his priority “to preach the gospel where Christ is not known”. (Romans 15:20) This is a fundamental mission principle as applicable today as it was when Paul was writing to the church in Ancient Rome.

Many people view mission as taking place on the other side of an ocean. In today’s society, however, crossing the street or going to your next-door neighbour will be enough to bring you into contact with people who know nothing of Christ. In fact, as we learned from Rev Olofinjana on Monday, many people are crossing from their side of the ocean to bring the gospel to Western countries!

Gospel contextualisation

Rev Andrew Jones spent the rest of the morning speaking on gospel contextualisation, posing the question, “Are we being intentional in our use of Scripture to connect with culture?” Culture is inescapable and we need to show those around us what it looks like to see the world through Christian eyes.

The afternoon was spent at Husk, London City Mission’s café and creative space in Limehouse. There the participants learnt about the various ministries that go out from the café, the work of the café itself and also a bit about the vision behind Husk.

The end of an inspirational week

The visit to Husk brought the Summer School week to a close. David Smith enriched our knowledge of Romans and its context, opening our eyes to why Paul writes to them in the way he does.

The various missionaries and other speakers shared a wealth of information and wisdom from their work which we pray will be beneficial to all those who attended, and others through them. As one of the participants said: “The theology, the teaching we’ve received has been superb, and to hear the context from people who are on the ground, in different situations, has been inspirational.” 

Thank you for praying for this year's course.


Laura Bol

London City Mission

Because London needs Jesus