“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story (…) those he gathered from the lands, from east and west, from north and south.” (Psalm, 107:2-3)

London City Mission’s second annual Summer School opened yesterday with people “gathered from the lands” – London, Northern Ireland, Spain and even the United States – to spend the week focussing on urban mission.

Tom Carpenter
Tom Carpenter

The morning was spent on the Isle of Dogs with Tom Carpenter, who gave the participants an insight into urban mission on the ground and the challenges, and joys, that come with the territory.

In the afternoon, the picture was painted of today's London as the hope of the world. Rev. Israel Olofinjana spoke about ‘reverse mission’ – London as a mission field for those coming from countries more traditionally considered to be mission fields, such as Africa and Latin America.

Harish Patel, London City Missionary to Southall’s South Asian community, reflected on the challenges faced in sharing the gospel with this community and highlighted the need for relationship-building as a means of spreading the gospel.

Harish Patel
Harish Patel

And Roy Hutchinson, our Church Development Director, spoke both about the attractions London holds for young adults as well as the need for churches to consider how they can use the young adults in their congregations to reach out to their local communities. 

Finally, Dr David Smith introduced the series of talks he’ll be giving on Romans this week by contextualising Romans and the time in which it was written, as well as drawing initial comparisons to London. 

A great start to the week, full of challenges and insights. Please pray that those on the course would grasp God's vision for urban mission and be able to apply what they learn this week in their own contexts.


Laura Bol

London City Mission

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