London City Mission has a new website, a new logo and a new look. How we look and feel says a lot about who we are and what we do.

Having announced our new strategy and vision (see our blog Because London Needs Jesus) we want to make sure the way we look reflects our gospel heart and vision. While we know many loved our old logo of Tower Bridge, we felt this wasn't helping us to communicate the core gospel heart of London City Mission.

What it's all about...

A gospel focus

Sharing the gospel
Sharing the gospel

At its very centre, the logo is based on the cross, representing the fact we are a Christian organisation. We have enlarged the word "Mission" as gospel mission is at the heart of all we do. We feel it is really important that both of these aspects are highlighted through our visual identity.

Rooted in London 

We don't just want to be known as a mission organisation though. We want to communicate the fact that we are rooted in London, bringing the gospel to the hardest to reach estates, those on the margins and from different ethnic groups. 

On the streets of Tottenham
On the streets of Tottenham

The intersecting lines hint at maps of London’s streets - the streets that our Missionaries are on every day, walking, meeting people and sharing the gospel.

The colours reflect the diversity of London, communicating the fact we are interacting with different people groups, communities and cultures.

Better communication

We feel that as we move into our next decade, this new look will help us communicate more clearly about who London City Mission is and what we do. 

Explore the rest of our new website to find out more.


Jo Sutton

Communications & Programme Director

Because London needs Jesus