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From the moment Jean Louis gave his life to Christ, he knew the gospel message was too good to keep to himself. Today, he’s a London City Missionary. And when he shared the gospel with Pawel, a homeless alcoholic, it changed everything for Pawel. 

Our new church pack tells the story.

Jesus shared his good news with ordinary people.

They refused to keep it to themselves. And God changed one life after another, after another. For generations, the gospel has been passed on. All the way to... you.

You can help your church to share the transforming, redemptive message of Christ. 

We’ll help you enthuse your church to share the good news of Jesus:

  • Our church pack will inspire your congregation to help London City Mission share Jesus with poor, lonely and needy people in our capital
  • You’ll receive tips on sharing the gospel with those in your own community

When you share the good news of Jesus with one person, who knows how far it can go?


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The free Mission Sunday Pack is designed to help churches share the gospel and support urban mission through prayer and giving.

We will send you:

  • A four-minute film on DVD of one life changed by the power of the gospel, which you can share in your church
  • A Powerpoint version of the DVD if you can’t show a film and slides on sharing the gospel in your community
  • A four-page Leader's guide to explain the materials 
  • A prayer to read together in your church
  • An A4 poster to promote your Mission Sunday service or event
  • Prayer cards
  • A copy of our How To Share Your Testimony booklet

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Because London needs Jesus